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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona pomline member named SI's cheerleader of the week

It's not all bad in Arizona land

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yes, the Arizona Wildcats lost in very unimpressive fashion on Thursday. Yes, the season's over. But hey, here at Arizona, we are the home of Sports Illustrated's cheerleader of the week. While she's not technically on the cheer team, Savannah of the Arizona Pomline had the honor bestowed upon her by SI for the first week of the tournament. Shoutout to Savannah, and shoutout to all the pommies for all the time they put in during football and basketball season, and we here know in our hearts that they should always be the Cheerleader of the Week

- Wichita State won with turnovers forced and bench depth

- Sean Miller's sweatiness went viral though, so it wasn't a total loss on Thursday

- Colorado had a chance to take down UConn, but a quick couple changes of possession changed that. Our friends at Ralphie Report wrote this heartbreaking piece from the Buffs' locker room in Des Moines

- If you've ever wanted to know how to rebound, Baylor's Taurean Prince gave this super sarcastic yet literal description of how to do so

- A possible future Arizona guard is Troy Brown Jr., and Courtside Films has his latest mixtape


- SB Nation's Steven Godfrey got an inside look at Arizona's unique yet possibly progressive spring

- Recruiting isn't as big of deal out here as it is in the south, and that might be a good thing

Other sports

- Women's swimming and diving is in 8th place after Day Two at the NCAA Championships

- Women's tennis has a big match with Oregon in Eugene on Friday

- The Pac-12 Gymnastics Championships start on Saturday in Seattle

Tucson news

- Bernie Sanders is hosting a rally at TCC Friday evening

- A suspicious package that shut down Congress ended up being a musical instrument