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Medel's Mound: Spring Break 2K16

Spring break is a bit different for baseball players than your regular joe.

Jason Bartel

This past week has been spring break and it has been quite the break for Wildcat baseball. I've always enjoyed spring break. It's a chance for teams across the country to play lots of baseball and set school aside for a while. Coach Johnson says we get to be professional baseball players for a week. Instead of partying with a large group of 20-somethings on a beach, we are getting a couple extra hours of sleep and stay on a routine baseball-wise.

We started spring break with a three-day rager against Sacramento State. I'd say we hit the ball pretty well last weekend. Tuesday was a typical mid-week grind and it was great to come out on top and leave Hi Corbett on a high note. We end our week-long break in Seattle, Washington and start Pac-12 play.

The Pac is here.

As all of you know playing in the Pac-12 in any sport is extremely tough. There are no off weeks. It's ten weekends of head-to-head battles with some of the best competition in the country. If that doesn't get you going a little bit I don't know what will.

With all the excitement that surrounds Pac-12 play, Coach Johnson has done a great job of keeping us focused on our daily goals. Tonight we play Washington and kick off 30 games of Pacific Athletic Conference baseball.

But to us it's just another game.

It is another Super Bowl that we have to go out and attack like any other game we've played this year. Treating every game like it's the biggest game of the year has brought a different style of baseball to Tucson than Wildcat fans are used to seeing, but everyone on the team and staff has 100% confidence in every move and decision made each game.


To the fans, y'all have been amazing. We always have some of the best fan bases in the Pac in every sport, and we thank you for all your support. We are very thankful to those of you who come out and cheer us on. As the season goes on we hope to see more and more of you file into beautiful Hi Corbett. At this point we've played nine games at home and it's been a great chance for everyone to get to know the new names and faces to this year's team. Dudes like Cesar Salazar and Louis Boyd are quickly becoming fan favorites for the passion and flare they are bringing to America's Pastime. No pun intended. Or guys like Michael Flynn and Kevin Ginkel, hard-throwing righties with good stuff that are just fun to watch.

We get back to Hi Corbett on Tuesday to take on Utah Valley, then Tucson gets its first taste of Paction when UCLA rolls in for a 3 game set. I wouldn't miss out on the series this weekend. Fans might notice something a little different in the outfield, You know, the big thing that keeps score?


It has been a crazy couple of weeks for Arizona sports. The roller-coaster ride that was the semifinal game in the Pac-12 tournament for basketball. Then the first round loss a week later. For someone that follows U of A basketball nearly religiously like myself, it's been a tough few weeks. But on the other hand!!! Softball rolled into my hometown of Arlington, Texas and swept last weekend and beat The University of Texas in walk-off fashion. They also kick off Pac-12 play this weekend against that school up north. I'm sure Coach Candrea and his awesome mustache have the girls ready for this rivalry weekend.

Good luck to all U of A sports competing this weekend. And to baseball fans, we'll see you next week.

Keep coming out, cheering loud and waving your towels. And if you weren't lucky enough to get a 3-2 winner towel... Make your own! Bring a small white towel and wave it!

Bear Down.


Robby Medel is a redshirt sophomore RHP at Arizona. You can find the rest of his weekly entries here