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Sonoran Hot Reads: Pac-12 basketball goes the way of Pac-12 football

What is happening to the conference?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was supposed to be a great year for the Pac-12 in basketball. Seven teams made the tournament, and all were higher seeds than their opponents. But after one round, only two teams remain, the Utah Utes and Oregon Ducks, the same two teams that prevailed over the rest in the Pac-12 Tournament last weekend. This Robert guy who wrote into Ted Miller about the similarity between basketball and football makes an interesting point. While it's true that the way the two sports crown champions are totally different, it is a bit concerning that the Pac-12 hasn't won a championship in either sport since 2004

- Jeff Borzello explains why things will get better for Arizona next year though

- Arizona's loss also eliminated the "Jim Caldwell looks like the guy answering the door at 3 AM who instantly realizes the policeman there is going to give him life-changing bad news" from the LeBatard Show's Bracket of Sadness

- As crazy as Thursday was, Friday was even more nutty


- Gabe caught up with 3-star DT Kurtis Brown to talk about his upcoming visit to Tucson


- The team dropped their first Pac-12 game of the year 6-3 to Washington. Cody Ramer and Cesar Salazar had multi-hit games

- Despite this, I found out from Jay Johnson's old colleagues why he is the perfect man for this job

Robby Medel's latest weekly blog explained how the baseball team spent their Spring Break


- Freshman Joelle Krist hit a two-run homer in the 7th to beat ASU on Friday

Other sports

Annie Ochitwa set a school record in the 100 fly at the NCAA Championships

- Women's tennis lost to No. 30 Oregon 6-1

Tucson news

- Why is Donald Trump in Tucson? I'm not sure, but he's holding a rally at TCC on Saturday

- The Clintons are coming to Tucson on Sunday

- While possible future and former presidents are coming to Tucson, the first Air Force One is about to leave Marana

- You can no longer bring sheep or goats with you on hikes in the Catalinas

- UA and ASU have proposed tuition increases for next year