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Sonoran Hot Reads: Steve Alford returns contract extension to UCLA

Let's get weird, Westwood

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It was certainly a bad year for UCLA basketball, and people have been calling for the Bruins to can head coach Steve Alford as a result. While that didn't happen on Sunday, something unprecedented did, as Alford gave back his contract extension that he received after reaching the Sweet Sixteen two years ago. According to Bruins Nation, this means that the buyout figures also decrease by a fairly significant amount. Whatever the final reasoning is for this, you have to respect Alford for doing this, right?

- Speaking of the Sweet Sixteen, here is the schedule and a couple of fun facts I found:

- That one Pac-12 team? Oregon! The Ducks were able to hold off St. Joseph's in the final game of a crazy first weekend

- In Oregon's bracket is Texas A&M, who needed a crazy comeback against Northern Iowa, and this post from Good Bull Hunting illustrates just how bonkers it was

- Apparently it costs Arizona $140,000 per basketball player, and that's not even counting salaries of all the people involved in the program

- Damon Stoudamire is ready for his first head coaching test at Pacific



- The Cats were able to salvage Sunday's series finale with a 17-7 win. The theme of the weekend was certainly good offense, not good enough pitching


- It was almost the third-straight game with a seventh-inning comeback, but ASU held on for the 3-2 win and salvage a win of their own

Other sports

- The entire track and field team got some action this weekend, with shot put having the best results

- Women's golf is in Rancho Santa Fe for the SDSU March Mayhem at The Farms starting Monday

Tucson news

- The man who was caught on camera assaulting another person at the Trump rally? A D-M airman....

- Here are some of the things that happened at the Bill Clinton/Gabby Giffords rally. A little more sensible and subdued