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Sonoran Hot Reads: Chris Mack definitely takes after Sean Miller

That sixth defender status

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

One of Sean Miller's signature moves is to stand basically at the three point line while his team is playing defense. His replacement at Xavier, Chris Mack, also seems to do this, because like father like son, except the coaching version of it?

I mean seriously, what is that?

- Jamie Dixon left Pitt for his alma mater TCU on Monday, which left a lot of people wondering if Miller would leave Arizona for his alma matter in Pitt. As Ryan and others from around the Arizona internet have pointed out, no, that doesn't seem likely. Even Archie leaving Dayton would be questionable because Pitt is a middle-of-the-road ACC school

- Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is "probable" to be back in the Nets' lineup on Tuesday night

Andy Katz is surprised that Arizona isn't in the Sweet 16


- Kwesi Mashack told us that the coaching staff has moved him to safety as spring practice nears its close


- Bobby Dalbec was named the Pac-12 Player of the Week. Arizona will host Utah Valley Tuesday night at 6 PM

- Arizona commit Quinn Flanagan underwent Tommy John Surgery on Monday


- Danielle O'Toole was named Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week

Other sports

- Here are some of the best images from Arizona Athletics this week

- Gymnastics is heading to Athens, Georgia to compete in the NCAA Regionals on April 2nd

- Track and field will be competing at UCLA on Tuesday

- Men's swimming and diving will compete in the NCAA Championships in Atlanta beginning on Wednesday

Tucson news

- A Pima County Jail inmate is still on the run after walking away from her work release program

- Arizona's presidential primary is Tuesday, but John Kasich hasn't made his way to the state, even though the Arizona Republic endorsed him, in what is an interesting take on the Republican candidates available to choose from

- If you're driving from Benson to Tucson on Tuesday night, you should reconsider that life choice