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Sonoran Hot Reads: Rich Walsh explains his Sean Miller reporting

This guy won't go away quietly

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After he erroneously reported that Sean Miller was in Pittsburgh to discuss the Pitt head coaching job, CBS Pittsburgh's Rich Walsh is not going away quietly. The guy felt the need to defend himself, and posted this on his Facebook page explaining exactly what happened on Tuesday. This paragraph is the most interesting one in my opinion:

Around 2:00pm Tuesday, a different source told me Miller was in Pittsburgh. Looking for further confirmation of this, I called back one of my sources on the earlier information. This source told me "yeah, I told you he would be in town". I took this as confirming that Miller was indeed here. Additionally, 3 to 4 other people "in the know" shared the same information - one even provided what appeared to be rock-solid proof. I regret that I cannot elaborate.

So I went with it. I cannot prove it happened. I regret that I did not nail down exactly WHEN Miller might have visited, and I regret declaring, "Miller is in town now" on Twitter yesterday afternoon. I am sorry.

It's nice that he says he's sorry, but what are you doing and what are you trying to prove? Just take the loss and move on. And if you need more proof that Miller was never in Pittsburgh, here's what Director of Basketball Operations Ryan Reynolds tweeted Wednesday night:

- Miller is looking ahead to two years from now, as Arizona has reached out to Delaware transfer Kory Holden

- ASU will be losing Savon Goodman. He'll be envoking the grad transfer rule and play elsewhere next year

- You know who the best shooter in college basketball history is? We do, and it's Salim Stoudamire. The man himself approved of the new title:


- It's a big recruiting weekend for Arizona, including having the nation's top-ranked corner in town

- Rod Smith gave us the scoop on what's been happening at quarterback this spring


- If you have the means, consider donating to the baseball team's cancer research fund

- The team starts a three-game series against UCLA Thursday night


The Wildcats host Utah for their first home conference series of the year

Other sports

- Track and field was second in Tuesday's competition

Women's golf finished second in the SDSU March Mayhem event

- Men's swimming and diving came up just shy of recording a point in the first day of the NCAA Championships

- Women's tennis hosts UAB and Sacramento State this weekend. Men's tennis hosts Stanford and Cal

- Dave Sitton will be inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame

Tucson news

- An apparent fake lawsuit was filed by Jared Loughner against Gabby Giffords on Wednesday

- It was a very poorly run election day in Arizona, which prompted protests in Downtown Tucson

- The person or people who did this are just awful