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Arizona basketball recruiting: Kobi Simmons' video hints Josh Jackson will commit to Wildcats

Did Kobi Simmons just break some news?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Jackson, one of the nation's top prospects in the 2016 recruiting class, has yet to officially pick which school he'll be attending next season. However, he has said that he's already made his mind up, and will officially announce his decision "within the next week or so."

He will choose between the Arizona Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, and Michigan State Spartans.

Kansas is seen to be the favorite by those in the know but, in what was an admittedly interesting development, Arizona commit and fellow McDonald's All-American Kobi Simmons posted this video with Jackson on Monday morning:

In the video, Simmons says "new Arizona commit" and then pans the camera towards Jackson who says "UA Wildcats, you already know!"

Perhaps it's a sign that Jackson will be announcing his commitment to Arizona in the near future. As mentioned earlier, Jackson has already decided where he's going to go, it's just a matter of him making it official. It's entirely possible that Jackson told Simmons, and then Simmons decided to make that video.

But it's also possible that this video means absolutely nothing, and it's just another attempt for Simmons to try to sway Jackson to join him in the desert.

Still, you have to think that this is at least a positive sign for Arizona, though only time will tell if it actually amounts to anything.