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Sonoran Hot Reads: Lute Olson criticizes Pac-12 TV deal

Maybe having some like Lute will get the ball rolling on changes

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The Pac-12 TV deal is bad. Every Pac-12 fan knows this. From late game times, to poor programming choices on Pac-12 Network, to just about every other issue that can be imagined, it has been a hot mess, especially this year. One person has spoken out that could encourage change, and that person is Lute Olson. He spoke with John Canzano of the Oregonian and had this to say:

"One of the first things that needs to be done is to get better control of when the games are shown. We're talking about games starting at 8:30 p.m. on a school night. They have to get some control over the television part of it. I know there's a lot of money as a result, but sometime they have to be concerned about the young men that are playing."

Olson also touched on the Warriors, why he never took an NBA job, Damon Stoudamire and more. You can listen to the whole thing here

- Staying in the college basketball history books, ESPN will broadcast the 1966 Texas Western/Kentucky game at 4:30 PM PT on Wednesday. This seems like something everyone needs to watch

- Stanford has their new head coach, but Oregon State's Wayne Tinkle was a late option, as well as Jarron Collins. Either of those would have been extremely interesting

- Herb Sendek is back in the business as Santa Clara's new head coach, and as our buddy Sarah Kezele points out, when he and Damon Stoudamire's Pacific team face each other, a Territorial Cup point should be at stake

- USC's Katin Reinhardt is transferring. He already played for UNLV too

- Ryan Anderson has his NBA Draft training team picked out

- Pretty big day in recruiting, even though nothing actually happened. Kobi Simmons and Josh Jackson put out a cryptic videoTerrance Ferguson discussed when he thinks he'll commit, then threw down a sick dunk. And Arizona reached out to a Tulane transfer

- Oh yeah, Justin Simon transferred


- It was a big weekend for Arizona football recruiting as well


- Arizona is 29th in the Coaches' poll, but did not even make it as a team considered in the D1Baseball poll

- UC-Riverside is in town for a two game series which begins at 6 PM on Tuesday

- A UW player hit a ball in the water, which seems good. They lost to Gonzaga though, which doesn't seem nearly as good

Other sports

- Beach volleyball is now 6th in the rankings

- Here are all the best pictures from the last week. There are some really good ones in there

- The Pac-12 has two teams in the Women's Final Four, Washington and Oregon State

Tucson news

- A senior at Sabino was arrested for making explosive devices

- A new drug tunnel was found in Nogales

- People dumped a lot of weird stuff at Jacob's Park this weekend