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Medel's Mound: Home is where the heart is

There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Jason Bartel

After two long weeks, we are back in Tucson to play at beautiful Hi Corbett, and it was great to see all our amazing fans! It was a great turn out for a Wednesday night and the crowd was rocking. I mean it's not very hard to stay interested when Banni is out there throwing Stees at the knees and making the game 2 hours and 13 minutes.

It's going to be nice to settle in back at home. No more hotel beds, bus rides, and waiting at baggage claim. We are back in Tucson with seven games in the next ten days. This will be a great chance for all the Corbettiers (what I call fans at Hi Corbett) to experience what baseball will be like under new head coach Jay Johnson. If you were in attendance Wednesday, you probably noticed lots of energy in the dugout, some towel waving, along with a very quick pace.

I've said playing on the road is a good opportunity for teams to find themselves and really come together as a whole, but I am so happy to be back in Tucson for a while. Let it be known there's more to playing at home than just showing up at the yard and going after it. First off, we are students and we do have to attend class on game days. Some of us are up early to "crush academics" and it's something we haven't had to do yet this year. Skip (Coach Johnson) was very pleased with the way the guys handled it on Wednesday. It is tough to want to do anything else but get ready to go to battle on game day, but we can't forget our priorities. We don't just show up to the yard on game day and play. We all have class, and some guys even have study hall and tutoring to take care of.

Student-athletes must have an ability to flip the switch when it's time to play. We aren't getting paid yet and this isn't pro ball, we are student-athletes.

I know a lot of the guys use the clubhouse as a place to unwind before games. It's a very loose environment in there; there's TV's on, music blasting, guys throwing the football around or kicking the soccer ball. The clubhouse is a wonderful place to relax after a long day of school or whatever it is you have to take care of on a game day.

The time to flip the switch is before walking out the door to the field. You can put everything behind you and focus on the goal of the day. This pertains not only to games but practice as well. Before games and practices, we take time to breath (meditate) as a team. This is the time where we forget about everything else going on in our lives and focus on baseball.

This weekend we have four games at Hi Corbett; 6 PM Friday and Saturday, then 1:30 PM and 6 PM on Sunday. I encourage everyone to come out and watch some exciting Wildcat baseball.

There's a few things you'll notice about this team. First off, RED and lots of it. We have a few new uniform combinations which include a lot of red. For the first time, we have red hats and stirrups, which I believe are a great look. Second, ENERGY. This is a fiery team that plays energized and with a boat load of passion.

We're a team of grinders and one of my favorites is the Canadian, Louis Boyd. He's just a greasy ball player, he's the Happy Gilmore of baseball. He grew up with a stick and some skates, but instead of checking dudes into the boards, he's flashing leather and dropping down sneaky drag bunts. Be on the lookout for No. 5 this year.

Lastly, the dugout. Coach Lawn likes to call the dugout the insane posse. You might see anything from water being thrown in the air after runs, mosh pits, and even freshmen pitcher Michael Flynn lifting invisible weights. Sometimes I'm not even sure what's going to happen in the dugout.

To the fans coming out this weekend, be on the watch for 3-2 counts. Our team strongly believes in the momentum-shifter that is winning a 3-2 count. Since Super Bowl I, we've had a towel, and written on it is "3-2 winners!". We would love if the crowd would feed off our energy and get loud with us and help us win those big counts. We would also love if everyone brought a small white towel to wave as we all come together and bring energy to the 3-2 count. Also feel free to wave your towel after hits or good plays on the field. If you pay attention you'll probably see Kaleb Roper waving the famous 3- 2 winners towel in the dugout.

Thank you to everybody who has been reading this weekly. It means a lot and I appreciate the feedback. Have fun this weekend Corbettiers and don't forget your TOWELS!!!!!

Last thing really quick. How cool and artsy is Sawyer!?!? Watch this video and Follow him on Instagram for awesome videos of the team @sawyergieseke