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Sonoran Hot Reads: Frontier Airlines snubs Arizona, Kentucky in mascot contest

Southwest would never do this to us

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Frontier Airlines is known for, among other things probably, putting animals on the vertical stabilizers of their airplanes (see image above). They've decided to join in on the fray of March Madness by having an online mascot competition, which will decide an animal that goes on their next plane or something. What the contest is isn't the point, it's the schools that are representing Wildcats all across the nation. Those two schools? Kansas State and Northwestern. No Arizona. No Kentucky. You know, schools that are actually good at basketball. Dear Frontier Airlines, you have made us mad

- Speaking of being good at basketball, Arizona was really good at basketball on Saturday, setting or tying several school records. But it was more than that, it was a perfect emotional experience with everything surrounding the game. You can watch all the postgame ceremonies in one spot

- The Wildcats will be the four-seed in the Pac-12 Tournament. Here's a look at the complete bracket


- We've been talking about Arizona recruiting a lot lately. Here's another look at how they're trying to make a huge dent in the Southern California area

- Gronk seems to be hosting a Nickelodeon show called Crashletes


JC Cloney and JJ Matijevic led Arizona to a 4-1 win over Cal State Bakersfield

- Robert Refsnyder is apparently going to get some run at third base for the first time ever


- It was a 2-0 Saturday for the Wildcats, beating Saint Francis and UTEP

Other sports

- Sand Volleyball finished off a perfect opening weekend

- Men's tennis lost to Fresno State and fall to .500 on the season. Women's tennis lost its second-straight conference match, this one coming to No. 2 Cal

Tucson news

- A two-year-old girl drowned at a home on the east side