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Sonoran Hot Reads: Joey Rickard loves him some Justin Bieber


Rob Carr/Getty Images

Former Arizona Wildcat and 2012 National champ Joey Rickard has taken MLB by storm in the first week, and Baltimore Orioles fans have fallen in love with him the same way we did five years ago. Naturally, Rickard is picking up a lot of publicity and having tons of things written about him. One of them is this fun Q&A, and his passion for Justin Bieber is the highlight:

"I like Justin Bieber a little bit. He's come a long way, so I'm finally admitting that I listen to him. The new album is fabulous. In the clubhouse, I'm four games into my career, so I'm going to keep it on the DL for now. "Sorry" is my favorite. I watched him on the Grammys. His performance was great. I haven't seen him in concert. He was in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and then he was in Phoenix right after that and all my friends were going. But I still haven't made it to one. I would if I could, but I'd be pretty low-key about it. I wouldn't be Instagramming or anything like that."

Rickard is also joined by Mark Tollefsen in this fiery passion for new Bieber

- The current Arizona baseball team didn't look great in their Sunday morning contest against Washington State, but did get the series win


- Oregon got better by adding big man Kavel Bigby-Williams, a talented transfer from a small college in Wyoming


- David Shaw had some strong and possibly offensive takes on the satellite camp ban. Rule of Tree tries to explain away the poor choice of words

- Recent commit Kurtis Brown has promised us more commitments in the coming weeks

Other sports

- Women's golf finished the weekend by moving back up to fourth place in the final round

- Men's tennis continues to struggle, as they were swept by highly-ranked USC. They are now just 8-14 overall, and 0-4 in the Pac-12

Men's golf's last tournament of the year happens in Santa Cruz this week

Tucson news

Get a summer job at the YMCA

- It rained:

And hailed: