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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona 6th-most valuable college basketball program

The Wildcats seem to be worth a lot of money

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We know that Arizona pours a ton of resources and money into men's basketball, and according to a study by the Wall Street Journal, the Wildcats' program is worth 235.4 million dollars, good for the 6th-highest mark in the country. The value is actually a lot lower than last year's, where the WSJ put Arizona second at $315M. Only one program remained above $300M, and that was Louisville. Kentucky and Indiana made big jumps to take the third and fourth spots respectively. Here's the entire top 50:

Kind of interesting to see ASU at 50. Also, the gap between the top ten and the rest of the field is pretty startling.

- Earlier this week we touched on Arizona being one of the worst champions of all-time. ESPN's list is pretty generous and puts the Wildcats in the 61st spot

- Andre Iguodala pranked teammate Festus Ezeli by leading Ezeli to believe he was cut by the Warriors, but Festus got his revenge with a cake

- All this pranking stuff led to the Warriors' first home loss of the year maybe


- Former ASU player Damarious Randall is providing some solid entertainment over on his Twitter

- Where does Arizona's offense stack up in the Pac-12?


- After taking a 3-0 lead, Arizona gave up six runs in the 7th, leading to a 6-3 loss to Utah

- The big news of the day in the Pac-12 was Oregon State ace Drew Rasmussen being diagnosed with a torn UCL, forcing him to miss the rest of the year with Tommy John Surgery looming

Other sports

- For just the second time this year, sand volleyball lost. The Witt twins were the only pairing of the five to come out with a victory against Long Beach State

- Men's tennis was dominated by Oregon

Tucson news

Hancock Fabrics is closing

- The Fourth Ave Street Fair has arrived

- The Tucson Wildlife Center is very busy this time of year

- A Border Patrol K-9 flunk out is now a guardian of the wild jaguar El Jefe