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Sonoran Hot Reads: Thon Maker will try to enter 2016 NBA Draft

Will he actually be eligible to be drafted?

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

In a Bleacher Report video released on Sunday, highly-recruited 2016 basketball prospect Thon Maker announced that he will declare for the 2016 NBA Draft. Only one problem, he's not technically eligible, having graduated from high school in Canada back in June of 2015. Maker was said to be considering ASU as one of his five schools to attend next year, but if you watch the video, while there's a Sun Devil logo in the video, at the beginning, the audio suggests there were only four schools in the running for his services, and ASU was not one of them. However, amateurism concerns surrounding the player may be playing into this decision anyway.

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- Utah swept the Wildcats after scoring nearly all of their runs this weekend in one inning each game


- There will be a rubber match on Monday after UW evened the series with a 6-2 win on Sunday night

Other sports

- Pau Tonnesen keeps getting better at this whole track thing

- Sand volleyball lost to No. 1 Pepperdine 3-2, although the Witt twins improved to 13-0 this year

- Men's tennis continues to struggle as they dropped their match against Washington

- Gymnastics finished fourth in the Athens Regional. Lexi Mills earned Arizona's first individual NCAA Championships bid since 2012 though

Tucson news

- The neighborhood near Glenn and Campbell is seeing an uptick in property crimes

Record crowds went to the Fourth Ave Street Fair this weekend