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Sonoran Hot Reads: Oklahoma was within 30 minutes of joining Pac-10

We were so close to having the Pac-16

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There's a lot of Big 12 expansion talk out there (hey, how about they just add the whole damn country). In the heat of this talk, Dennis Dodd discovered that in 2010, Oklahoma was "within 30 minutes" of joining the Pac-10 instead of staying in the Big 12 when Colorado, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri all left. Which brings us to what a super conference situation could look like, and who would be in the Pac-16. Adding Boise State is a no-brainer, but what about the South schools? Colorado State, Hawaii and UNLV? Eh

- Looking ahead to next year, Stewart Mandel put out his early Top 25, and Arizona is just out. There are some interesting Pac-12 teams in the actual rankings though, including both Washington schools

- Jared Baker was cut by the Cardinals, while David Richards was cut by the Falcons

- Will Parks? Definitely not cut. In fact, he's becoming the inspiration for all of North Philly. You can watch his first Broncos press conference as well

Arizona lost to Navy in the ultimate logo bracket. Washington State took home the championship

- The Wildcats' defensive backs are in "we'll see" mode

- The coaching staff had several prospects on campus this weekend, including now former UCLA commit Rhedi Short, who talked to Gabe about his visit to Tucson


- Some more Arizona connections will be at NAU next year as assistant director of operations Ben Tucker is joining the Lumberjacks' coaching staff


- The Cats are ranked everywhere for the first time in a long time. That was thanks to some clutch pitching this weekend


- Danielle O'Toole was named the Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week after nearly throwing a perfect game

- There are plenty of awesome pics from both softball and baseball from the past week

Tucson news

- People are just dumping trash in an empty lot on the west side

- Arizona alum Alana Nichols is looking to win another gold medal in this year's Paralympic Games