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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Tucson Regional chances? Who starts for basketball?

Answering your burning Arizona questions

Jason Bartel

It's been a on a bit of a hiatus, but the Tuesday Twitterbag is making its way back for the summer.

Be sure to follow us @azdesertswarm on Twitter, tweet us your questions (or put them in the comments below) about anything, not just Arizona Wildcats sports, and we will attempt to answer them each and every Tuesday.

Got a wide variety to get to this week, so let's just get right to it!

The series loss to ASU wasn't as detrimental as most people out there might think. The Cats are still 24th in the RPI. Only UC-Santa Barbara (21st) sits above Arizona as far as West Coast teams go. The Gauchos had a bad weekend as well, losing a home series to Cal State Fullerton. If anything, that'll give CSF an advantage in the selection committee's eyes come Selection Monday. Washington is the other team in the mix as far as western teams.

Not to get too technical here, but Arizona needs to finish above UW in the Pac-12 standings (Huskies are 1/2 game up right now) and have UCSB and CSF lose a couple games down the stretch. Plus, the Cats need to not totally bomb that last week against Abilene Christian and Hawaii. A Tucson Regional is certainly still within reach.

I have no idea, so I turned this one over to David Potts.

He has a starting lineup of: Kadeem Allen, Allonzo Trier, Terrance Ferguson, Ray Smith and Dusan Ristic to start the year. By the time conference play rolls around, Chance Comanche in for Dusan (though I would have gone Lauri Markkanen there).

Not sure that a true "starting lineup" will matter with next year's team. Guys are gonna get their minutes whether they start or not.

This year? No. In the future? Yes. Maybe even soon. If Alyssa Palomino hadn't torn up her knee in the very first fall practice, I think this team would have been a lot better this year. With only one senior this year (catcher Lauren Young), you've gotta like what we might see next year. 2017 will also be Danielle O'Toole's final year in college, so that might be the time to strike. Also, ten year anniversary of the last national title. Just sayin.

I will say I like them to get out of the Knoxville Regional this week now that Tennessee has lost their best player due to a broken arm. The next weekend likely at Auburn though? Ehhhh.

For part two of this, here's the best I could find. Maybe the power of the internet will help you out though.

I think it's BYU. Sure, Arizona has an entirely new defensive staff, but BYU has a new head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. And it's not just any offensive coordinator. It's Ty Detmer. And he has a QB competition that has a lot more experience on both sides than Arizona has. Either way, both teams have a lot of questions to answer in that first week, which makes that matchup even more interesting than it was before.

Yeah, it'll happen. I don't know when, but it'll happen.

Part one: Me. Second place: No one.

Part two: Ben Berger. Second place: AZJoshM

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