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Sonoran Hot Reads: Richard Jefferson happy to be back in Conference Finals

Not a bad spot for the aging veteran

Jason Miller/Getty Images

In his first two years after moving on to the NBA, former Arizona Wildcats star Richard Jefferson was in the Conference Finals. Well, it's been 13 years since then, and Tuesday was his first Conference Finals game in those 13 years. It's pretty interesting to see Jefferson offer up his newfound respect for making it that far in the playoffs

I thought that's the way it was! And what's crazy is that it's been 13 years since I've gone to the Conference Finals.

I've been on tons of playoff teams, I've been to the Second Round multiple times. But I know how rare it is. I just remember my fifth or sixth year in New Jersey when I could see the team just wasn't really right; they just had a different feel about them.

I just remember wishing that I was with another contending team. And so, trust me, I'm happy to be here.

- In that first game at this point in the playoffs, Jefferson scored nine point points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Channing Frye had eight points of his own for the Cavaliers

- It's finally official. Elliott Pitts will be leaving the University of Arizona


- Nick Wilson is the most indispensable non-quarterback on Arizona's roster....again

- Gabe chatted with one of the best high school prospects in Hawaii, who has a strong bond with Arizona's best player in this last recruiting class


- The Yankees called up Robert Refsnyder on Tuesday, and they happen to be playing the Diamondbacks in Phoenix this week

- Our friends at House of Sparky tried out some college baseball bracketology. They gave the Cats a Regional, hosting Cal State Fullerton, Gonzaga and Fresno State

- The idea of still hosting a regional is the first question answered in the return of the Twitterbag

Sawyer Gieseke's interview during Saturday's game is extremely interesting about his passion for film


- Tennessee has lost their best player ahead of this weekend's Regional that Arizona will be in. The entire Pac-12 will be looking to make a statement this weekend, and the Cats are in a much better position now than they would have been

Other sports

- Women's golf is heading to Eugene for the NCAA Championships starting Friday morning

Adia Barnes will have her first basketball camp June 27th-30th

Tucson news

- The AHL is officially coming to Tucson. The Coyotes are having a Name The Team contest

- Marana police officers will be getting body cams

U of A faculty members will be getting a raise in September