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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Non-conference basketball schedule, football depth charts and baseball regionals

Who are the Wildcats playing next year? And who will play for the Wildcats?

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Each Tuesday, we will be answering your questions tweeted to @azdesertswarm. Be sure to send us your burning questions about Arizona Athletics, Tucson, or just life in general. You can also leave questions in the comments section for next week.

We know what most of it is. Per Bruce Pascoe, this is what it looked like as of April 21st.

basketball non-con sched

You can also add Texas A&M on December 17th in Houston to this. Northern Colorado is one of those TBD home games associated with the Las Vegas Invitational. Bucknell, Sacred Heart or Norfolk will be the second game.

Alright, let's do this (caveat, I'm not sure what Marcel Yates will call some of his defensive positions, plus some incoming freshman could certainly push guys, especially on defense and offensive line):

QB: Anu Solomon, Brandon Dawkins, Khalil Tate

RB: Nick Wilson, Orlando Bradford

WR (outside): Trey Griffey, Cam Denson, Shawn Poindexter, Tony Ellison

WR (slot): Samajie Grant, Nate Phillips, Tyrell Johnson, Shun Brown

TE: Trevor Wood, Josh Kern, Brion Anduze

C: Zach Hemmila, Levi Walton

G: Jacob Alsadek, Gerhard de Beer, Michael Eletise

T: Freddie Tagaloa, Layth Friekh

K/P: Josh Pollack

DT: Sani Fuimaono, Luca Bruno, Calvin Allen, Anthony Fotu (after game six)

DE: Parker Zellers, Jack Banda, Justin Belknap, Josh Allen

OLB: DeAndre' Miller, Paul Magloire, Kahi Neves, Carrington Vaughn

MLB: Cody Ippolito, Jake Matthews, John Kenny, Kendal Franklin

CB: DaVonte' Neal, Jace Whittaker, Kwesi Mashack, Dane Cruikshank

FS: Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles

S: Tellas Jones, Anthony Mariscal, Jarvis McCall

Go ahead and hate on everything that I just put down, because I know there are a lot of things up for debate in there.

Gabe Encinas: I do believe that the buzz surrounding this program is real and strong enough to hold Greg Johnson, and even pull in a couple more 4-star guys. A lot of recruits are buying into it right now with this new coaching staff. As of now I would project about six or seven by National Signing Day.

Darnay Holmes I think has been sold on Nebraska from some time now. Talk about hype surrounding a program and Nebraska has it. They've invaded the Calabasas area, securing Keyshawn Johnson Jr. and his 4-star quarterback, who have been recruiting their friends as well. I'd be pretty shocked, and extremely impressed, if Holmes ends up at Arizona playing across from his brother.

As for Joseph Lewis, this is a recruitment I still feel good about. Greg Johnson and Lewis would like to play together at the next level and as you know we already have one down. I do think Johnson remains committed to Arizona, despite his interest in the LA schools and Notre Dame. While Lewis could pick any program in the nation, I think his connection to the coaching staff and his potential future teammates plays a huge role. Lewis is a very obtainable recruit for Arizona's 2017 class.

Yeah, this doesn't look good, purely based on the likelihood that Arizona will finish 4th in the Pac-12 at this point. The Wildcats still have the best RPI of any Pac-12 team, so that could bode well if they are able to go 4-1 at worst this week. Essentially, they need Long Beach State to take the series from Cal State Fullerton, UC-Riverside to take down UC-Santa Barbara, and Utah to beat Washington (I hate typing that last part). Also, USC should probably take the series from ASU while we're at it. There's the potential of a west coast team getting a host as a 2-seed. Arizona needs to be in better position to be that team, but they need a lot of help to do it.

Thanks for the questions this week everyone! Remember, if you have something you want answered, tweet it to us @azdesertswarm each Monday or Tuesday!