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The Tucson Restaurant Bracket is coming - help seed it!

Which establishments will earn one-seeds in our tournament?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Over the summer, we at AZ Desert Swarm will be having an NCAA Tournament bracket style contest, where local Tucson restaurants will be battling it out to become the ultimate champion of Old Pueblo goodness.

The plan is to have 64 restaurants, with head-to-head matchups being voted on by you, the reader. We'll have one matchup per day starting June 1st, running into the first couple days of August, which is about when the Arizona Wildcats get fall camp rolling.

But we need your help to start this crusade of determining the best restaurant in Tucson. To determine the 64 restaurants in the field, and the seeding that will set the matchups, we're asking you to give us your ten favorite restaurants in the Tucson area.

You don't need to rank them. Every vote will count evenly. And it doesn't need to be a locally-owned place. It can be a chain. It just needs to have a location in Tucson. We're just looking for your favorite places to eat while living in this great city.

The seeding will then be determined on how many times a particular restaurant shows up on these top ten lists. Then we'll announce the bracket, and get everything rolling in June.

Just fill out the form below, or follow this link. The form will be open until about May 18th, which is when I'll close it and start putting the bracket together.

So share with your friends, family, acquaintances, sorority sisters, whoever. And restaurant owners, we are more than open to accepting bribes.