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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Basketball recruiting, BYU football and Regional watching

You've got questions, we've got answers

USC v Arizona Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Each Tuesday, we will be answering your questions tweeted to @azdesertswarm. Be sure to send us your burning questions about Arizona Athletics, Tucson, or just life in general. You can also leave questions in the comments section for next week.

For basketball recruiting, I think Verbal Commits is the best place to go to check out the players that each team is targeting. A couple of the guys that I have heard with Arizona in their top ten or however many are P.J. Washington and Charles O'Bannon Jr. As we found out this year though, basketball recruiting is so fluid that thinking Arizona has the "lead" on anyone when it's not even June yet doesn't really mean anything.

Yes, but it's because of BYU's quarterback situation, not because of the coaching staff. Both Taysom Hill and Tanner Mangum have shown they can play college football at a high level. I don't think Arizona's defense is going to scare them off or anything. It's interesting that of all years, this is the year that Arizona starts with a very legit team. Gonna just have to throw that new defense right into the fire.

By the way, if you haven't read this about BYU's QB battle, you should do it.

In a normal situation, I go No Anchovies all day, every day for watching sports. Unfortunately, baseball will only be streamed online this weekend, so I'm not sure if anywhere will be able to show it. This also allows me to shamelessly plug our Tucson Restaurant Tournament, and all of my baseball coverage from this year.

Thanks for the questions everyone! We'll be back at it next Tuesday so be sure to ask us whatever is on your mind.