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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona not as popular as Washington in its own state

Look at Oregon though


Reddit is always out there coming up with great maps of random fan trends in the United States, and this is just another example. This one is a map of the most popular college football team in each county. Unfortunately for both the Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils, they don't really have a stranglehold in their own state. While they both hold down their respective areas of the state, Washington fans have apparently taken over Coconino county. Also, Texas has a couple of counties, and...San Jose State? Granted, Arizona isn't as weird as, say, New Mexico, but San Jose State? Also, as Addicted to Quack noticed, check out all the Oregon all over the country

- Arizona and BYU don't play for another four months, but hey, there's a point spread out!. And guess what? The Wildcats aren't favored

- BYU is part of the 10th-easiest non-conference schedule among Power Five schools that Arizona possesses

- Is expansion in the Pac-12's future? Probably, but they'll definitely need to be proactive when that time comes, and not behind the realignment curve

- The Pac-12 continues to meet in Scottsdale, and tensions seem to be eased a bit

"We went over a lot of different items," Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne said. "It was a very positive meeting. We walked away from the meeting encouraged. It was a very good day today."

- Arizona's linebackers are in better shape than USC and Utah? Alright. Gabe wondered what newcomers will be in the safety rotation


- You can get some discounted tickets for the Arizona/Gonzaga game at STAPLES Center


- Nathan Bannister threw a complete game to get Arizona the series-opening win on Friday night

- Arizona/Oregon State was one of the featured series predicted on D1Baseball. Their writers were pretty split on what would happen this weekend


- Danielle O'Toole struck out nine Beavers to record her sixth shutout of the season

Other sports

- Sand volleyball lost their first match of the NCAA Tournament, but came back with a dramatic win against Georgia State to stay alive in the loser's bracket. They will face Hawaii Saturday morning at 11 PT

- Women's golf is still in first place in their NCAA Regional.

- Three track athletes, including Pau Tonnesen, will be competing in Seattle at Pac-12 Multi Championships

- It's Derby Day! Here are the horses you should be rooting for as an Arizona fan

Tucson news

- A major construction project on the west side starts on Monday

A stolen car crashed into a house