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Sonoran Hot Reads: Ira Lee visiting Arizona

A couple of big basketball recruits are in Tucson this week

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of a College World Series run by the baseball team, the Arizona Wildcats basketball coaching staff is hosting a couple of big-time players on campus. P.J. Washington seems to be in Tucson, and now Ira Lee will be joining him when he makes his way to U of A on Thursday. These are the 17th and 48th-rated prospects right now in their class

- The NBA Draft is Thursday night. It’s highly unlikely an Arizona player gets selected, but you can still watch it at 5 PM PT on ESPN. We’ll have updates on where the guys end up signing after the draft ends


- Arizona’s season continues as they took down UCSB by a score of 3-0 on Wednesday night

- The Wildcats will face OSU pitcher Jensen Elliott on Friday. The Cowboys have yet to allow a run in Omaha, and have only given up six runs in seven postseason games. Arizona will be the road team

- Former Arizona assistant Mark Wasikowski will reportedly be the next head coach at Purdue

- Be sure to watch all of Casey Bowman’s interviews from this trip

- There are no SEC or ACC teams left, which should humble those two conferences according to Kendall Rogers


- A couple of important Arizona recruiting targets chose against U of A on Wednesday. Sampson Niu committed to Oregon, and Elijah Blades chose Florida. Apparently you can't win 'em all

Other sports

- The women’s soccer schedule has been released

Tucson news

- Vote in the Guadalajara vs. Fleming’s matchup in our Tucson Restaurant Tournament

- A plane was diverted to TIA because of an unruly passenger