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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona professor wins $1.1 million at World Series of Poker

This is one way to make a lot of money while teaching

WSOP No-Limit Texas Hold 'em World Championship Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Thursday was not a great day for Arizona sports, but here’s something to cheer you up...maybe. University of Arizona professor Mitchell Towner won $1.1M in a World Series of Poker event on Tuesday. He’s 29, and I think this quote is basically how we all feel about college and really life in general: "When I was a college student, I never had any money. Now that I’m a professor, I had an extra $1,500 that I could play one event." Now he has lots of extra money

- Kevin Cordes also qualified for the U.S. Olympic team in the 200m breaststroke


- Arizona fell to Coastal Carolina 4-3 in Thursday morning’s National Championship Game

- Michael Lannana of Baseball America wrote a really good piece on Cody Ramer and how his pair of errors will not really define his Arizona legacy

- Why was the game played so early in the day? Don’t blame ESPN, blame the NCAA

- We owe our success here at AZ Desert Swarm to the baseball program at Arizona


- Terrance Ferguson is officially heading overseas rather than coming to Arizona

- Stanley Johnson wrote a piece for the Player’s Tribune in which he was very honest about how he would assess his first year in the NBA

- Oregon’s Dylan Ennis was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA. Both of Thursday’s bits of news probably make Oregon a pretty heavy favorite in the Pac-12 next year


- Tyrell Johnson seems to be the 4th-fastest player in the nation

- BYU media day was Thursday, and we know that they will have a four-man front on defense, and will have a starting quarterback set before the Arizona opener

Tucson news

- Get your Tucson Restaurant Tournament votes in for the 4th Ave. battle between Bison Witches and Athen’s

- There were over 258,000 signatures on the petition to legalize recreational marijuana use

- A new increased hotel tax begins to try and offset the deficit faced by Tucson

- It’s another free adoption weekend at PACC