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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona commit Cody Shear upgrades his car

This is a much better look

California v Arizona

On July 1st, Cody Shear became one of the 21 current verbal commitments that the Arizona Wildcats football staff has for 2017. Shear, a three-star offensive lineman, is from Eugene, Oregon, so it’s probably not a big surprise that his car window had a big green ‘O’ on it. Well, not anymore, and it definitely does look better

- Incoming transfer Zach Benjamin will be wearing No. 87 it seems

- Darrian McNeal will be visiting Arizona on Monday

- You can probably expect Cody Ippolito to be back on the field at the start the season


- Kadeem Allen and Chance Comanche scored in double-figures for the Pac-12 All-Stars against the Melbourne Tigers


- It’s probably time for schools to have more baseball scholarship money available to them. In that article, Jay Johnson also talks about that amazing play made in the left field corner that kept Arizona from tying the game against Coastal Carolina in the ninth

- Willie Calhoun went 0-for-2 in the Futures Game

Other sports

- Another benefit of having an AHL team in town for the Arizona club hockey team will be the impending addition of at least one more ice rink in Tucson

Tucson news

- The bond between The University of Arizona and the City of Tucson is extremely strong

- Check out the full second round slate for the Tucson Restaurant Tournament. It gets underway on Monday

- Someone ran from their wrecked, burning car in the foothills