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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona hits Hollywood for Pac-12 Media Days

The unofficial start to the college football season is here

Utah v Arizona Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The unofficial start to the college football season is officially here...conference media days. The SEC got things started earlier this week, and now the Pac-12 picks things up on Thursday and Friday. The festivities get started at 9 AM PT. Arizona will take the stand at 10:30 on Thursday. Joining Rich Rodriguez in Hollywood are Nate Phillips and Sani Fuimaono

- Phillips will likely have bigger numbers this year because of the loss of Cayleb Jones

- You can bet the most asked question will be about the quarterbacks, but there are several other things that are more worrisome with this team heading into 2016

- The Pac-12’s coaches went to the ESPYs, but Rita Rodriguez stole the show

- The Pac-12 also announced a new student-athlete health initiative

- What will the rest of the recruiting class look like? Gabe answers that, plus tons more because, well, it’s Gabe

- Pokemon has taken over the college football world, and trust me, we’ll have wall-to-wall Pokemon coverage for you


- What if Sean Miller didn’t coach? Well, he’d be a Globetrotter obviously. He easily has the least fun job on that list. Dana Altman’s and Bob Huggins’ just oh my god

- Miller may be spending some time right now talking to newly-announced Buffalo transfer Lamonte Bearden, who has Arizona on his short list

- The Pac-12 All-Stars with Kadeem Allen and Chance Comanche are not quite as good as the Australian National Team

- Albany canceled a game at Duke because of North Carolina’s controversial transgender bathroom law

- Jordan Hill agreed to a two-year deal with the Timberwolves


- Like it or not, pitch count restrictions are coming, and with the way things are going with younger pitchers, they’re needed

Tucson news

- My friend Tanisha Knutzen has been travelling the world like crazy lately, but the more she sees, the more she appreciates this fine little town we call Tucson

- Have you voted in the second round of the Tucson Restaurant Tournament yet? There are tons of matchups that are open for voting right now!

- It’s just flat out wrong that a group of people has to be afraid for their safety as yet another incident involving the Islamic Center of Tucson happened

- Vail teachers are getting a little bump in pay this year

- An Arizona professor’s book is about to become a movie

- Pokemon Go is helping business downtown and on 4th. It’s also helping the library. Having run Reid Park on Wednesday night, I did not see this, but I did see the parking lots full of cars, and the people parked outside Hi Corbett since it’s a gym