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Pac-12 Network is coming to Cox in Arizona

Fans in Arizona will now get the national and regional feeds of Pac-12 Network

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the fully regionalized version of the Pac-12 Networks hit everyone like a ton of bricks. All of the sudden, people within the Pac-12 footprint were unable to watch some of the biggest games around the conference if they did not involve their local schools.

The conference is taking steps to correct this issue. Among many TV deals announced on Thursday, the Pac-12 and Cox announced that Pac-12 Network is coming to the Essential Tier.

This means that Cox customers in Arizona will now have access to the national network as well as the Arizona channel, both in HD. Online, Cox customers will have access to all of the regional networks.

You should see the changes to your TV package by August 2nd if you are a Cox subscriber.

In addition to this, the conference will start streaming games on Twitter with a service known as Pac-12 Plus. This platform is scheduled to show around 150 live Olympic Sports contests throughout the season.

I give the conference credit for listening to fans’ complaints and taking action. Does this solve all of the distribution issues with the Pac-12 Network? No, not even close. But as a Cox subscriber in Tucson, it fixes almost all of my issues.