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The Arizona Athletics-related Pokestops and Gyms in Pokemon GO

All the places you should know about for getting more Pokeballs at U of A

When students return to the University of Arizona campus in August, it will have a lot of new popular stops.

No, nothing new has actually been built, but there are hundreds of Pokestops located around main campus.

I set out to make a complete list of them, but there are just too many. So let’s keep it to Arizona Athletics-related stops and gyms.

So here is a list of them for your visiting pleasure:


  • ZonaZoo entrance of Arizona Stadium....yeah, this is going to get ugly quick
  • Main entrance of Hi Corbett....not on campus, but still, it’s a hot spot already
  • The sculptures on the mall by Campbell
  • Also, Main Student Union has one, along with like 20 Pokestops



  • John Button Salmon statue
  • Bear Down Field
  • The new ticket office in the northwest corner of Arizona Stadium
  • The Arizona Stadium field
  • The ZonaZoo wall
  • The south endzone scoreboard
  • Blue footballs across from Circle K
  • Mirror lab
  • Pinal Hall under the stadium
  • Bill Lowell memorial
  • U of A sign at Campbell and 6th
  • Front entrance of Sancet (now the football practice field)
  • Where the old baseball scoreboard used to be (now football’s Bear Down Billboard)


  • The former home of the John Button Salmon statue...yes, really
  • McKale Center sign in front of the ticket office
  • ZonaZoo entrance
  • UA Sports Hall of Fame plaques
  • Eddie Lynch Athletics Pavilion
  • Fred Enke Plaza
  • Richard Jefferson Gymnasium
  • The arch/Block A sidewalk mural in between McKale and RJ Gym

Other sports-related

  • Hillenbrand Aquatic Center main entrance
  • Hillenbrand Stadium main entrance
  • Cherry and 2nd St. street car stop
  • LaNelle Robson Tennis Center (corner of 2nd St. and Campbell area)
  • Where the Intimidation Wall is at Hi Corbett

No Pokestops at either Drachman Stadium (Track and Field) or Mulachy Stadium (soccer). There is one across the street from Mulachy at the Sabbar Shrine Temple on Tucson.

For all the Greek Life people out there, you should also know that there are tons of them at the various fraternity and sorority houses. Rush the right frat or sorority by picking one that is a Pokestop.

With all of these stops, it’s pretty likely that people will be spending even more time with their faces buried in their phones this upcoming season. But whoever rules the Arizona Stadium gym, shoutout to you.