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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: Sweet Sixteen matchups, voting dates, results and more

Which establishments will make it to our Elite Eight?

We’re now down to our Sweet Sixteen in the inaugural Tucson Restaurant Tournament, and no one-seeds have made it through the first two rounds.

Voting in the second round got serious, as many matchups had over 20,000 votes, and a couple of games were actually decided by exactly one vote. Check out the full second round results here.

The Sweet Sixteen will work much like the second round did. New voting will open at 6 AM and 6 PM each day this week, and voting for each one will be open for four full days. All voting will take place on this website.

Without further ado, here is a closer look at the regions, and when you can vote for your favorite restaurant:

Catalinas Region

  • (8) Wildflower vs. (5) Brushfire BBQ — Brushfire wins 68% to 32%
  • (6) Rocco’s Little Chicago vs. (10) Union Public House — Union Public House wins 57% to 43%

Rincons Region

  • (16) Wild Garlic Grill vs. (4) Gentle Ben’s — Wild Garlic Grill wins 62% to 38%
  • (14) Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks vs. (10) Scordato’s Pizzeria — Scordato's wins 66% to 34%

Tortolitas Region

  • (8) Baggin’s vs. (5) BK Tacos — BK Tacos wins 75% to 25%
  • (11) El Minuto Cafe vs. (10) Brooklyn Pizza — Brooklyn wins 82% to 18%

Santa Ritas Region

  • (8) Sushi Garden vs. (5) Caruso’s — Caruso's wins 96% to 4%
  • (3) Bison Witches vs. (2) Frog & Firkin — Bison Witches wins 98% to 2%