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Ken Griffey Jr. tells fun story about Trey Griffey during Hall of Fame speech

Just stories about Trey beating up TVs with a baseball bat

MLB: Baseball Hall of Fame-Induction Ceremony Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon, notable Arizona Wildcats parent and part-time photographer Ken Griffey Jr. was enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

During his enshrinement speech, The Kid dropped a fun story about his kid, Trey Griffey, a wide receiver at Arizona.

You can watch the entire speech here, with the below story about Trey starting around the 7:50 mark.

"Trey, you’re my little man. My partner in crime. One day sitting there on the couch, you took a bat and hit the TV, and your mom got mad at you and then got mad at me, and asked me why I was not mad. And I said ‘Girl, you can’t teach that swing’. So I got up and bought a new TV.

There’s a song by Will Smith that says just the two of us. There’s a part in the song where it talks about driving home. After you were born and in the car, and all these other cars were passing us up, and he talks about how mad he was. I felt like that on the way home."

Junior followed that up with a story about Taryn Griffey, a member of the Arizona women’s basketball team:

"Taryn, daddy’s little girl. From the first time you were born, I knew I had to go into protect mode. I didn’t even like my teammates who had boys. You taught me how to share, and I think I’ve eaten more french fries over the years than you. No matter if I went 0-for-4 or 4-for-4, to hear those words when I came home "Daddy" made my best days better and my bad days not so bad. Even to this day, when you call me on the phone, my day’s a little brighter."

To go back to the part about Trey. We discovered after he was drafted by the Seattle Mariners this year that he hadn’t played baseball since he was 11. Too bad he just couldn’t hit TVs for a living.