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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona has biggest recruiting steal with Greg Johnson

The Wildcats have made a couple of the biggest recruiting moves in the country this year

Greg Johnson
Student Sports

There’s a lot going on with Arizona Wildcats football recruiting this year that we’ve never really seen before. Here’s another way to look at it. 247 put out a list of the 17 biggest steals in this recruiting cycle so far, and Arizona has the top steal in Greg Johnson. The reasoning?

Johnson’s high school, Los Angeles/Hawkins, is literally blocks from USC’s campus. The Crystal Ball was a heavy lean to the Trojans before the four-star cornerback surprised many by picking the Wildcats. This is one of Arizona’s bigger gets in the last decade landing a U.S. Army All-American. Ace recruiter Donte’ Williams is showing he’s a future rock star by going into USC’s backyard and landing a Top 100 recruit. That’s the essence of a steal.

Also on the list is Nathan Tilford, who checks in at No. 9. Yeah, the Wildcats have two of the biggest steals this year. That’s something we’re not used to

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