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Sonoran Hot Reads: Woman kayaks through Tucson streets

When life gives you water, kayak through it

Woman kayaking street

Friday afternoon, Tucson saw a record amount of rain, and since the streets flood when it barely sprinkles, you knew there were going to be some epic things to come out of it. Exhibit one is what the Stone underpass looked like (lol at the person who tried to drive a car through that). Exhibit B, and the best thing I’ve seen on Tucson twitter since someone was chasing a pelican down Speedway, is this woman kayaking down her street

- We opened the final Tucson Restaurant Tournament first round matchup on Saturday with Frog & Firkin going against Kingfisher. Be sure to get your votes in for the final region over the next week. We’ve had a lot of weird upsets so far


- Stanley Johnson and Kaleb Tarczewski got Summer League off to an exciting start on Saturday

- T.J. McConnell will be in action later this week when the Utah version starts. Check out this interview as he gets ready for year two, and he also explains his new haircut

- Arizona’s non-conference schedule is officially set, and the neutral site games are definitely better than the home games


- Arizona target Rhedi Short is set to commit later on Sunday. Get ready for it with Gabe’s latest recruiting roundup

- Here’s another plug for the only Arizona football season preview you need to read


- It’s kind of funny that Arizona went from unranked to finishing the year second in Baseball America’s top 25

- In other rankings, Hi Corbett checked in at 20th on Stadium Journey’s list of top college baseball parks. ASU’s Phoenix Municipal is 37th. HiC probably would have been higher if I had gotten a new review in for it in time

- Jay Johnson was named the region’s coach of the year

Other sports

- Gymnastics hired a Tucson native as its new athletic trainer