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Sonoran Hot Reads: DeAndre Ayton has Arizona in his top three

It’ll be interesting to see Ayton’s recruitment play out

Stanford v Arizona Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The college basketball recruiting live period got underway this week, and Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller is at Peach Jam, along with just about every prominent head coach in the sport. Also there are plenty of players the Wildcats have offered, including DeAndre Ayton, the top-ranked player of the 2017 class. Arizona is in his top three, or more like his only three. He acknowledges the questions about his ability to qualify academically, but says he is on track according to the NCAA thanks to summer classes

- Ayton put up 23 points and 18 rebounds against 2018’s top player Marvin Bagley. Bagley and Ayton were once teammates at the maligned Hillcrest Hoops in Phoenix

- Ryan got a lot of basketball questions, and he answered them for you

Aaron Gordon has no chill


- Former Arizona assistant Mark Wasikowski is ready to turn around the Purdue program

"This job reminds me of Arizona. When I first got there with Andy Lopez they had three national championships, but had only made the postseason once in the previous nine years. We had a lot of people trying to give us second tier guys and we were trying to sell ourselves rather than the history of the program. This generation of players has everything instant. Tradition for them is what happened an hour ago. They don't reflect on what happened 3-4 years ago. They move on so fast from success or failure. They are most impressed with what you are doing now. We want to build on that by being there and establishing a regular presence."

- Jay Johnson called into a San Diego radio show to chat about Arizona’s success with a guy who was on his Point Loma Nazarene team in 2004

Tucson news

- A raise in the minimum wage may be coming to a ballot near you this November

- More people are seeing bears and mountain lions than normal

- Avoid 22nd near Columbus starting next week