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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona Cardinals welcome Wildcats with open arms

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For once, U of A had a warm reception in Tempe


The Arizona Wildcats have had a rough week off the field, but the Arizona Cardinals did their best to make it better. When UA arrived at the Cardinals’ training facility on Wednesday afternoon, they were greeted with a familiar site...the Arizona lettering in the endzone. Shane Dale did a really nice job of rounding up some of the other nice things the Cards did for the Cats.

- "It was an easy decision," Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill said to Off The Edge’s Bertrand Berry on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM about the decision to let the Wildcats come up to Tempe for a couple of days. "A phone call came in yesterday afternoon: ‘Would it even be a possibility?’ It was absolutely a possibility and we were going to make it happen."

- AZCentral got some nice pictures of the team’s practice on Wednesday afternoon

- Before they left, a few players took some time to talk about their emotions. Thinking about Hemmila will always bring a smile to their face, but some things will also be tough to deal with around the football facility

- In the midst of all of this, the weather in Tucson the last two weeks does drive home the point that an indoor facility is needed for Arizona to be a better football program

- Wanna know how Jeff Fisher cut Nick Foles from the Rams? Thankfully Hard Knocks has video of just how casual it was

- The guys at Iowa State site Wide Right Natty Lite talked to a person who has been inside the game for a while, and says Arizona should be targeted by the Big 12

- A couple recruiting things from Gabe are here for you too. He answered some of your questions, and chatted with a highly-ranked 2019 prospect that has some interest in the Wildcats

- Will Parks will play in his first NFL game with the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, and he admitted that he's "really nervous."



- JJ Matijevic led Falmouth to a Cape Cod West Division Championship with his second homer of the playoffs in a 6-2 win

- Former assistant and new Purdue head coach Mark Wasikowski met up with Jett Bandy at Wrigley Field

Other sports

- Kevin Cordes finished 8th in the 200-meter breaststroke final to close out his first Olympic program

- Tjasa Oder and Slovenia placed 15th in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. Oder swims again on Thursday along with Brad Tandy

- Women’s soccer goalkeeper Lainey Burdett reminisces on her time at Arizona so far

Tucson news

- Be sure to vote in the Final Four of our Tucson Restaurant Tournament

- There are finally plans to improve the drainage around the Stone underpass

- This summer was harder on 4th Ave. businesses than normal. I’d think it’s because Downtown has become so much better

- A self-driving car was being tested around the U of A campus on Tuesday