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Sonoran Hot Reads: Will Parks gets his rookie haircut

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Anything to make it in the NFL

Every newcomer entering the NFL has to deal with some kind of harmless prank or initiation event, and former Arizona safety Will Parks got his taste of that on Wednesday. It appears that former Oregon safety and current Broncos teammate T.J. Ward got to do Parks’ initiation, and, well, the results are certainly something:

TJ just did me dirty #RookieCuts

A photo posted by Parks Place (@phillywill11) on

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- Multiple reports surfaced that Talbott Denny has suffered a knee injury

Other sports

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- Pau Tonnesen is in 22nd in the decathlon after the first half of the event

Tucson news

- Get your votes in for the showdown between Brushfire and Bison Witches in the Tucson Restaurant Tournament final

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- The Tucson Airport is getting a state-of-the-art fire-fighting vehicle