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Sonoran Hot Reads: Previewing the Las Vegas Invitational

Get the most in-depth look possible at Arizona’s early season tournament

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This year, the Arizona Wildcats will be competing in an early season tournament in Las Vegas. For the most comprehensive breakdown of the tournament you’ll ever find, Chris Dobbertean from Blogging the Bracket attacked the field from every angle you could imagine, and even predicts that Arizona will take the whole thing. If you’re missing Arizona basketball, this is a really good read

- 2017 point guard Matt Coleman, the 36th-best player in the country, has Arizona in his top ten. There are 16 Crystal Ball predictions for Coleman, and every single one of them is for Texas

- We’re not really looking for basketball writers at this point, but if you’re looking to write about Arizona basketball, consider joining Pacific Takes


- It was an awful morning in Tucson when we found out from Rich Rodriguez and Greg Byrne that center Zach Hemmila had passed away in his sleep. He was 22. We went dark the rest of the day on purpose to kind of just soak it in and let everyone grieve in their own way. As the team returns to the practice field Tuesday morning, we’ll also sort of return to normal, but our hearts still hurt for the Hemmila family, and thank you to those from across the college football world that reached out throughout the day on Monday to show their support #Forever65

- Like always, Anthony Gimino offers up some great perspective on this tragedy, on how Arizona football dealt with this the last time it happened, and how it will deal with it this time


- 2017 RHP Joseph "JJ" Montenegro committed to Arizona. He was also looking at UCLA, Coastal Carolina, LSU, Florida, Texas, UNC and Vandy among other places

Other sports

- Chelsea Goodacre hit three home runs off of three different pitchers in a USSSA Pride game

- Kevin Cordes will swim in a qualifying heat for the 200-meter breaststroke at 9:50 AM PT. If he makes it to the semis, they would be at 7:03 PM

Tucson news

- In one month, UA-led NASA project OSIRIS-Rex will launch