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Sonoran Hot Reads: Rich Rodriguez talks Rose Bowl on a lake

Let’s all aspire to own a home like this

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Today’s main topic of Sonoran Hot Reads is more of a Hot Watch than anything. Even though the Arizona Wildcats are going to be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday, Rich Rodriguez will be featured on CBS Sports’ coverage, probably because he used to work there. Brian Jones visited Arizona’s head coach at his lake house to chat about some serious things and to also go boating, because you can’t talk about Michigan and Rose Bowls without some fun time in between

- I’ve done a couple of radio/podcast hits for BYU people this week. Check out hour 4 of the Gunther and Ben show, and the Sports Bros Podcast

- I did not have scalding hot takes on the Arizona defense like Greg Hansen did

- You should be trusting Rich Rodriguez though despite what Hansen says about Arizona’s defensive coaches

- Vanquish the Foe did a really nice job of breaking down the key things to focus on for this weekend’s game. Brandon gave us five Cougars that you need to know before Saturday

- Take a look back at the recent games between Arizona and BYU

- Arizona commit Rhedi Short explained his game to Fox Sports West

- Check out these pretty awesome maps on how recruiting works around the country

- We know what the Wildcats are wearing very early on in the week. The uniforms will have special stickers honoring Zach Hemmila. Also, what do you make of this rivalry switch helmet?

- One interesting development this fall has been the emergence of Shun Brown as a starting receiver on this team


- Check out Arizona target Kevin Knox’s mixtape


- Bobby Dalbec hit his team-leading seventh home run for Lowell in their home finale. He attributes his success to returning to old hitting mechanics instead of what the Arizona coaches tried with him this year

- Scott Kingery will be playing in the Arizona Fall League starting in October. So will James Farris and Brandon Dixon among a couple others. We’ll have more on this later on

Other sports

- Volleyball hosts Alabama State, SMU and Pepperdine in the Wildcat Classic this weekend

Tucson news

- Legalizing recreational use of marijuana will be on the ballot in November

- If you see a baby animal in the wild, you should probably just leave it alone

- The former reporters whose child tested positive for cocaine plead guilty to child abuse charges

- The housing spurt in Downtown Tucson is unprecedented

- TIA will now have direct flights to Hermosillo