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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Anu Solomon, Rich Rodriguez and National Championships

What’s going on with the Wildcats’ offense and the playcalling?

Grambling v Arizona Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Welcome to another Tuesday here, and our weekly Arizona Wildcats Twitterbag is back to answer your burning questions.

After a game like the one we saw against Grambling State, there were sure to be some hot topics. So let’s get going:

I think it would have been slightly different, yes. Do I think Arizona would have been leading at halftime? No. Brandon Dawkins missed a couple of passes in the first half that I don’t think Anu Solomon misses, so I think the Wildcats would have been down about 21-17 at halftime.

On the flip side, I believe that if Devante Kincade doesn’t suffer that severe leg cramp late in the second quarter, Grambling wins the game, no matter who Arizona’s quarterback is. The defense had no answer for the combo of him and Martez Carter.

Yeah, I don’t understand what’s happening here. Three of Arizona’s best offensive players (Nick Wilson, Orlando Bradford and J.J. Taylor) are all running backs. How are they not being used more? However, with Dawkins now playing quarterback, that’s kind of like having two running backs in the game at once. And against a team like Hawai’i, there’s no reason that Arizona doesn’t have at least two different players rush for 100+ yards each.

3-9 season? 2-10 season? Rich Rodriguez won the Pac-12 South two years ago. He’s earned some time and Greg Byrne’s trust, in my opinion.

Rotating captains is just to get all the seniors out there for a coin toss. This team knows who its leaders are. They don’t need some arbitrary captain tag to prove it.

This is frustrating as well along with the offensive play-calling. After all this “attack defense” stuff we heard in the fall, the corners are still playing ten yards off the line, allowing teams to dink and dunk their way down the field. The interceptions were thanks to Trevon Cherry drastically overthrowing his receivers and not due to the DBs attacking the ball.

The only reason I can come up with is that DaVonte’ Neal, Dane Cruikshank and Jace Whittaker haven’t earned the trust of the coaching staff to put them in a press coverage situation.

No, not until an indoor practice facility gets built. No athletic, big defender will come to Tucson until that happens. Also, the big guys don’t last in practice against this offense. That’s just the way it goes right now.

I beg to differ about no underclassmen though. Justin Belknap is a redshirt freshman and arguably one of the best players out there right now.

Point two first: Yes I do. I have an off-the-radar take on why Dawkins looked good right away in the ASU game....he was sick. The guy lost his lunch in the locker room at halftime. He didn’t have the jitters when he first got in that game because he was sick. That calmed him down to where he was successful. He very obviously had jitters or nerves on Saturday, then calmed down. In his second start, I think he’ll start off much better.

As for point one: I don’t know. Since I’m not someone who’s really into recruiting, I’m going to remain skeptical about every single “commit” in every sport until they show up on campus. I recommend you do the same. It’s much less stressful and frustrating this way.

I think I got asked this last year, and I feel like I went with swimming and diving or beach volleyball. I’m sticking with beach volleyball. The Witt Twins are entering their senior year after a dominating junior year, and the team made it to the first-ever NCAA Tournament in the sport last year, and ended up 6th. I don’t like the direction S&D is going. I can’t believe I’m saying this already, but baseball is probably my second choice behind beach volleyball for a team title.

On the individual side, golfer Haley Moore is a legit threat to win the individual women’s golf title. She tied for second at the NCAA Championships as a freshman last year, so she still has three college years left to possibly get that individual National Title. And then you have the Witt Twins in the individual part of the beach volleyball championship.

I believe you have it in the right order there. Bobby Dalbec has rediscovered his swing by opening up his stance again, and now that it appears the Red Sox won’t burden him with pitching, I think he’ll make a quick run up the ladder in that system.

Zach Gibbons was essentially a four-year starter at Arizona, so I’m not totally shocked by what he’s done in the past calendar year. I think he’ll be a serviceable guy in the Angels’ system, but not sure he’ll be a threat in the Major League outfield anytime soon. Cody Ramer gets the benefit of a weak infield in that system, but I believe Gibbons will have the better career of the two longtime friends.

Gabe stinks.

See? Gabe stinks.

But seriously, we’re lucky to have his connections. You get info here you don’t get anywhere else. Like the answer to who let the dogs out.