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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona offers football player named Bumper Pool

Bumper Pool is here to solve all of our problems

A lot of people are down on Arizona Wildcats football right now, and with pretty good reason. But here is something sure to cheer you up. On Tuesday, the coaching staff offered 2018 four-star linebacker Bumper Pool. That’s right, his name is Bumper Pool. According to 247 Sports, Pool has 13 offers, and has two Arkansas predictions to his credit. Surely everyone should think bringing this kid in is a top priority from now on, because there hasn’t been a replacement for Sir Thomas Jackson yet in the name category

- In more ridiculous name news, Colorado made up a fake depth chart for Michigan this week and oh man is it glorious

- And in more amazing Pac-12 football things, here is Mike Leach saying Mike Leach things about his 0-2 Cougars

- The numbers seem to indicate that when the Wildcats struggle against FCS teams like they did on Saturday, the rest of the season doesn’t go so well

- The Wildcats also struggled in the NFL this week

- I think Dick Tomey is rooting for Hawaii

- Twitterbag had a lot of stuff in it this week. I guess you guys were upset about some things. And our roundtable touches on how the game would have played out if Devante Kincade hadn’t been hurt

- Don’t Stop Believin’:


- Not excited about Lauri Markkanen yet? You really should be

- It’s a busy time for Sean Miller as he hits the recruiting trail before the season starts

Other sports

- Women’s golf finished 5th at their first fall tournament

- Volleyball travels to Butler this weekend for three matches in two days

- Not knowing who your coach is going to be when you’re starting college seems pretty crazy, but that’s what soccer player Laura Pimienta experienced

Tucson news

- Arizona was ranked 124th in the country by U.S. News. ASU was 129th. Take that!

- If you haven’t been to the Special Collections exhibit on the USS Arizona, this week is probably a good week to do that