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AZ Desert Swarm Week Three College Football Pick ‘em results

We still have the same leader

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In the third week of the college football season, our readers stepped up their game in our Pick ‘em group.

But we have the same leader because LBoogie has put together two enormous weeks in a row. Here’s a look at the standings:

I’m embarrassed that I’ve fallen all the way down into a tie for 9th with Gabe.

Not pictured is Jeffrey B. He joined our group in Week Two, but this past week, he put up a perfect score of 55, so shoutout to Jeffrey for some top-notch prognosticating. Jeffrey has been so good that he’s passed up three people that have made picks in all three weeks of the season, including our writers Ronnie and Alec.

Hellcat08 and Daniel Farms also put up 50+ point weeks.

Not in our group yet? It’s not too late to join! Simply click this link, or find the AZ Desert Swarm group in ESPN’s College Pick’em fantasy game.

This week, Cal at ASU and Stanford at UCLA are the two Pac-12 games in the group of ten we’ll be picking from. It feels like a really difficult slate of games to predict, so happy picking and good luck!