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Wildcat Radio Sportsbook Contest

Win a free catered party at the Wildcat Radio Pac-12 Tournament Party in Las Vegas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Think you can pick the winners? Think you can beat the Wildcat Radio Sportsbook? Try your luck and help your fellow listeners win free food at the Pac-12 Tournament!

Here's how this works. Every year, Wildcat Radio rents out a suite in Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament. This year, we will host a party for our listeners before one of the games. YOU have a chance to decide whether or not everyone gets free In-N-Out.

How? Each week we will release a number of proposition bets on Twitter (@WildcatRadioAZ). We will consider each vote a $100 wager of Cat Cash against the Wildcat Radio Sportsbook. At the end of the week we will report the results.

Collectively, if our listeners beat our Sportsbook at the end of the Pac-12 basketball season, we will provide free In-N-Out for anyone that RSVP's to the party. If the sportsbook wins, Rick will record an entire podcast about the most important fundamentals of an offensive line, just kidding...probably.

After last week's practice round, for example, the Wildcat Radio Sportsbook would have won $3,200.

Here are the results:

How many sacks will Arizona have against BYU?

  • 5 or more (+300) -- 7 listeners took this bet forking over $700
  • 3-4 (+150) -- 8 listeners took this sucker bet forking over $800
  • 1-2 (-110) -- 18 listeners won this wager costing the Sportsbook $1,260
  • 0 (+110) -- 10 listeners took this wager forking over $1,000

Wildcat Radio Sportsbook won $1,240 on this wager

Arizona vs. BYU

  • Arizona -1.5 (-110) 34 listeners took this bet forking over $3,400
  • BYU +1.5 (-110) 16 listeners took this bet costing the Sportsbook $1,440

Wildcat Radio Sportsbook won $1,960 on this wager.

Fortunately you all have a clean slate and the contest starts this week. Remember, this is just for fun and free food but In-N-Out is really good so don't mess this up for your fellow listeners. Happy picking!