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Pac-12 Network getting crushed by SEC and Big Ten counterparts

It’s not even close in terms of value

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Most Pac-12 fans are well aware of how bad their favorite conference’s TV network is, but there are new numbers that really drive home the point.

John Talty of compared the Pac-12 Network’s valuation to the SEC and Big Ten, and, well, Larry Scott’s baby doesn’t stack up at all.

The Pac-12 Network is currently valued at $320 million, which doesn’t seem so bad until you see what the SEC and Big Ten Networks are at now according to Talty and SNL Kagan.

The Big Ten Network is now valued at $1.142 billion, and the SEC towers over them all at $4.692 billion, or more than 14 times the Pac-12.

What’s even crazier about these numbers is that both the Big Ten and SEC have actually dropped in value since 2015.

Pac-12 Network president Lydia Murphy-Stephans has already announced that she’s stepping down, and even though Jon Wilner wasn’t ready to absolutely crush her when looking at her tenure, he does point out a big issue with the Pac-12’s current TV structure.

There’s a huge disconnect between the schools and what the network is actually doing.

Schools are getting much more exposure for the olympic sports, but the revenue sports — and the production value surrounding them — has suffered greatly, making the Pac-12 a laughing stock in this regard.

I challenge you to watch a football, basketball, baseball, or softball game on Pac-12 Network, then watch one on SEC Network. You’ll wonder why you even watched Pac-12 Network. It’s not close, and the value difference between these two networks reflects that greatly.

Maybe things will change with new leadership, but this is just another example of how poorly the Pac-12 Networks have been executed to this point, especially compared to what some of the other conferences have in place.