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Taco Shop Co. named best 24-hour restaurant in Arizona by Cosmopolitan

Some delicious late night grub

Jason Bartel

As the downtown and Fourth Ave. areas in Tucson continue to evolve and modernize, there’s one mainstay of the Tucson nightlife that has survived unscathed.

That’s Taco Shop Co. on Broadway and Highland.

Anyone who has ever gone to The University of Arizona has surely been to Taco Shop at least once in their Tucson tenure. Whether it’s at 6 in the evening or 3 in the morning, Taco Shop is always there.

And it’s always there because it’s so great. Now it has been recognized for its greatness by a major magazine.

Cosmopolitan recently put out its top 24-hour restaurants in each state, and the representative for Arizona is none other than Taco Shop Co.

“If you’re trying to track down Tex-Mex eats, this is the place to be. Plates are piles with tacos, burritos and fresh toppings, which are best washed down with a glass of sweet horchata.”

This is a well deserved honor for Taco Shop. It will always be the best place to get fast Mexican food.