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Arizona’s apparel deal ranks near bottom of Pac-12

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The Wildcats’ deal with Nike isn’t so lucrative

Buffalo v Arizona Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While the internet is full of interesting facts and different things to point out, there’s something or someone that always grabs headlines.

In this case, The Mercury News published an article that has Pac-12 fans looking at how much their school is racking up from their respective apparel deals.

What Jon Wilner found is that the disparity between the top and bottom of the conference is massive.

Take a look.

Average annual payments:

UCLA: $18.6 million (Under Armour)

Washington: $12 million (Adidas)

Cal: $8.3 (Under Armour)

Oregon: $8 million (Nike)

Utah: $6.5 million (Under Armour)

Arizona State: $4.2 million (Adidas)

Oregon State: $3.3 million (Nike)

Arizona: $3.1 million (Nike)

Colorado: $3 million (Nike)

Washington State: $2.3 million (Nike)

Arizona is on the wrong end of the disparity.

The Wildcats’ average annual payout from Nike is $3.1 million. Only Colorado and Washington State have smaller payouts.

Stanford and USC are not listed because they are private schools, but Wilner says USC’s deal is around $5 million annually.

Wilner notes that these figures do not include signing bonuses. Arizona’s was $1.5 million, per the Daily Star.

Arizona signed its deal with Nike back in 2015. In actuality, the UA only receives $500,000 in cash from Nike. The rest of the $3.1 million goes toward gear, equipment, coaches, and other miscellaneous things like internships.

In comparison, Washington receives roughly $5.275 million annually in cash from Adidas, per azcentral. Cal receives about $3.5 million from Under Armour, per ESPN.

The same year Arizona signed its 10-year deal with Nike, Oregon State signed its. Surprisingly, the Beavers’ deal was worth a total of $37.5 million, giving them a higher average annual payout than the Wildcats, but they only receive $225,000 in cash.

Nike generally pays out less than brands like Adidas and Under Armour, but it seems like Arizona got an underwhelming deal, which runs until 2025.

That’s a valuable revenue stream the school is missing out on, and with all the facility projects about to get underway on campus, that extra cash surely could have been put to good use.

Especially since 2015-16 was the first time the UA athletic department failed to turn a profit since 2005.

The Pac-12 Network’s struggles don’t help, either.