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Pac-12 team activities now suspended through May 31 due to coronavirus

PAC-12 Men’s Basketball Media Day Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Pac-12 sports aren’t coming back anytime soon.

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, the conference announced Monday that it has suspended all team activities through May 31. Previously, team activities were suspended through the end of March.

Most notably, this extension all but wipes out spring football games and practices. The Arizona Wildcats were scheduled to have their spring game on April 4.

However, the conference says it will “convene regularly” to assess the circumstances, so theoretically this suspension could be lifted sooner than May 31.

Here are the key elements of the policy:

  • No organized, in-person team activities of any type;
  • No in-person voluntary workouts, film study sessions, meetings, technique drills or practices of any type;
  • Virtual or online supervised voluntary workouts and skill instruction are not permitted, regardless of location;
  • Virtual group activities, including film study, are permitted to two (2) hours per week for football and four (4) hours per week for all other sports. We are appealing to the NCAA to increase the two-hour football limit in the near future;
  • Coaches can recommend written, self-directed workout plans, and taped demonstration videos on workout plans are allowed in order to demonstrate proper form and technique;
  • In-person, on-campus nutrition may be provided in circumstances where student-athletes are unable to leave campus, and off-campus nutrition is limited to distribution of products normally available on campus;
  • It is fully permissible to provide non-athletically related support to student-athletes, including sports medicine treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation; academic support; and mental health and wellness support; and
  • It is permissible for institutions to provide off-campus student-athletes with apparel and personal equipment that is regularly available to student-athletes when they are on campus for conditioning workouts. It is not permissible to rent, purchase or arrange for conditioning or strength training equipment or machines.