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Pac-12 to allow voluntary workouts starting June 15

pac-12-college-sports-voluntary-workouts-June-15-ncaa-coronavirus Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

College sports are back! Well, sort of.

The Pac-12 Conference announced Monday that voluntary in-person workouts can resume on campus beginning June 15. This move comes after the NCAA announced last week it would allow activity to resume on June 1.

All college sports activities (practices, completion, etc.) have been prohibited since mid-March when concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced a shutdown. This occurred in the middle of the Pac-12 men's basketball tournament in Las Vegas.

In addition to a start date, the Pac-12 made recommendations for how to handle the return of athletes to campus and athletic facilities. Among their suggestions is having student-athletes who fly back to town undergo a 7-day quarantine before any contact with others.

The league's directive still leaves the ultimate decision of when/if to resume activities up to the individual schools. Arizona is likely to get back to work immediately since the state has been gradually re-opening since mid-May.

The school released a statement late Tuesday afternoon saying a decision still hasn't been made on when to allow athletes back on campus: