Football tickets this season - @ USC or maybe Cal at home

I live in LA now and haven't seen a Pac 12 CFB game in person since I returned for a homecoming in 1991 or '92. I'm not expecting home games to sell out this year (although if they do, great) and I do have plans to be in Arizona at some point, to take care of something that sadly will force me to go in person to the capital. I could plan it for the Cal game but I'm not expecting it to be a terribly good game. UCLA would be the other option but I'm not sure I want to be in Tucson when the weather is still at hot as it likely will be that weekend. But my main question is what would be the best way to find a legit ticket in the secondary market on shortish notice. I prefer buying from legit sources instead of places like stub hub, or individual sellers, as well. I might also wait for the spring to do my trip to the capital is another factor.

My other main question - which is one I should learn for future notice, is how to out of state alumni get tickets so they are not stuck sitting in say the section for the opposing students or with opposing (non student) fans? The last time I bought tickets, it was to the Pac 12 MBB tournament seats at Staples, which I bought from the Alumni office for the Beavers (great, cheap seats) and my section ended up being mostly Oregon and Arizona fans (I let some friends use the passes for games I didn't want to see and they had no clue what they were watching or who sat with them). I also very much do not expect the USC game to sell out locally and do not expect a lot of Arizona fans to travel. This would actually be a great daytime game because the weather should be great but then my memory is that the first week in November in Tucson would be nice, but I doubt they will may that into a daytime game and again, I'm not expecting it to be a good game, entertainment wise.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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