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Taking Stock 2022: How Arizona’s athletic programs are doing under current leadership

arizona-wildcats-athletics-programs-stock-report-evaluation-2022-pac12-ncaa Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since the summer is when it’s supposed to be slow in college sports—thanks, UCLA and USC—we’ve spent the past two-plus weeks evaluating each of Arizona’s 19 athletic programs, looking at where they were before their current coach was in charge, how that coach is doing and what lies ahead for those teams.

But just in case you might have missed a few of our stories, we’ve put them all together in one handy place:

* Football under Jedd Fisch

* Volleyball under Dave Rubio

* Men’s and women’s cross country under Bernard Lagat

* Men’s and women’s wimming and diving under Augie Busch

* Soccer under Becca Moros

* Men’s golf under Jim Anderson

* Gymnastics under John Court

* Men’s basketball under Tommy Lloyd

* Women’s golf under Laura Ianello

* Women’s basketball under Adia Barnes

* Men’s tennis under Clancy Shields

* Beach volleyball under Steve Walker

* Women’s tennis under Ryan Stotland

* Baseball under Chip Hale

* Softball under Caitlin Lowe

* Men’s and women’s track and field under Fred Harvey

The future for all of Arizona’s teams has become much more uncertain with the Pac-12 losing two premier schools to the Big Ten. Whether the Wildcats remain in the conference they’ve called home since 1978 or move into another league, possibly the ACC or the Big 12, is unknown. For now, though, this is where all of the UA’s teams stand.