There are so many online bookmakers from Europe and Asia where a person can place bets and collect winnings that sometimes one of the most difficult things for them is to choose who they will work with.

Fortunately, BET-IBC has consolidated its position as the best betting agent for betting on college basketball.

The company has gained a solid reputation among bettors mainly because of its reliability, and its services are especially useful for Wildcats fans that tend to have a hard time due to the regulations imposed by NCAA.

BET-IBC Review - Fan Banter

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Today, with the status of "Super Master Agent", they manage the accounts of some of the biggest gambling stars in the world, and, thinking about your convenience, they offer several trial accounts with no payment obligation.

So you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits offered and then open a real money account at your convenience.

Odds and bets range

Another important issue for punters is odds and limits. Each of the betting houses in BET-IBC’s list simply offers the most competitive ones on the market.

If you ask veteran punters, they will tell you that having only one betting account wouldn’t be enough in the name of profitability.

Nevertheless, opening and handling multiple accounts is not as easy as it seems. It consists of many responsibilities such as comparing all the prices, following professional predictors, etc.

These would take ages for a punter. However, BET IBC offers a premium solution for this, named VIP-IBC, the best betting platform.

In there, players can place multiple betting at a bunch of bookies concurrently available.

And if you are asking for more because you count yourself as a high roller, there is another option named Skype Betting.

In synthesis, it allows punters to use really big amounts of money for the bets, way beyond normal limits. The service has been specifically designed to serve premium users, though.

Therefore, it might be out of reach for casual bettors or professionals in the making.

Customer Service and payment methods

BET-IBC places customer satisfaction at the center of its strategy with a customer service department that knows what is important and works on delivering it.

They are available to answer all your questions and find solutions in 31 languages from all around the world including French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, and Greek, just to name a few.

The support team is well trained and always available on Skype:, by email at, or via live chat at the website.

Concerning the payment methods, the services provided are the most reliable and fastest. For instance, digital wallets like Skrill, Ecopayz, and Neteller, as well as bank transfers and popular crypto-currencies are available as both deposit and withdrawal options.

In addition, payments are available in 5 currencies: US dollar, Euro, British pound, Singaporean dollar, and Malaysian ringgit, while fees vary between 1 and 5% depending on the currency and method.

If you are a beginner, you have the opportunity to register for a betting account with broker in order to explore all the advantages offered by it and familiarize yourself with the platform with free test accounts before depositing for a real account.

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