Double Chance Prediction

An ex-Real Madrid player bows to Messi and calls him "the best in history." I've always been better than Ronaldo.

Many people have different opinions on who is the best football player: Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, one former Real Madrid star has spoken out.

Over the last 20 years, these two football legends have been in a fierce fight for prizes, fame, and most of all, the title of "greatest player of all time."

There is a former Real Madrid star who compares Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In this case, it's clear that people have different thoughts, as everyone has a favorite. This is also true for Eden Hazard, who turned down Cristiano Ronaldo in favor of Leo Messi.

He was very complimentary about the Argentine in an interview with the French newspaper L'Equipe. "Messi is one of a kind." I loved seeing him play for Barcelona, except for the last few games. He is the best player ever. He has control of the ball at all times.

From a stat point of view, Cristiano is a better player than I am. I don't think so, though, from a sports point of view. Could be Neymar. Ronaldo is not better than me in terms of football.

They are all great football players, even if they aren't better than me. Benzema, Modric, Kroos, and De Bruyne live and breathe football. I usually don't watch sports. According to, Hazard said, "VAR is BS."

Why Hazard didn't like Real Madrid

He called Real Madrid a "smug club," which didn't work for him at all, even though he really wanted to go there. As a child, I liked Zidane. Because of Zidane, I liked Real. It's not like any other stadium.

Real Madrid is a different kind of club; it's a bit cocky, and I don't like that. I wasn't feeling the game. It was just a dream, though. After playing for Real Madrid, Eden Hazard said, "I wouldn't have had a fulfilling career."

The Belgian football player had to quit because he was hurt so much. He was brought to the Santiago Bernabeu to fill in for the Portuguese player who was leaving for Juventus Torino, but he was terrible in the "galacticos" shirt.

Real Madrid gave Hazard the number 7 shirt that Ronaldo wore for nine years, but he couldn't live up to the hype. The Belgian had a lot of problems and could only score 7 goals and set up 12 others for Spain.

Teams that used to play for the two giants are still competing with each other, and maybe they always will be. Even though Barcelona hasn't been playing well lately. Catalonia won their second game of the week, this time against the Tigers.

Catalonia won their second game in a row after Chavi Hernandez shocked the club by announcing that he would be leaving at the end of the season. After a double chance prediction again, the winners beat Alaves 3-1 as visitors in the 20th round of La Liga.

The new scorer Vitor Roque, also known as "the Tiger," became the star, just like he did against Osasuna a few days before. That time, he came on as a replacement in the second half, and he quickly put his team at ease with a goal in the 63rd minute, making the score 3-1. He was sent off for a second yellow card soon after, though, in the 72nd minute. It was never fully clear why he was sent off—for dangerous entry or for making a comment to the referee. But since they were down one player, the Catalans didn't let the Basques get close to them.

Otherwise, Robert Lewandowski (22') and Ilkay Gundogan (49') had given Barcelona a good lead before that, but Samu scored just two minutes after the second goal to make it 2-1.

Around the 59th minute, Gundogan was replaced against his will with Roque coming on in his place.

Chavi used Andreas Christensen, a center defender, as a defensive midfielder, which was a surprise. When Ferran Torres and Joao Felix were hurt, Pedri played more forward roles. Atletico Madrid signed Samu Omorodion as a forward, and he started the attack for Alaves. Omorodion scored for Barcelona in the first few seconds of their previous match in the fall.

In the very first seconds, the home team was one step away from getting a penalty when Cubarsi tripped Alex Sola in the penalty area. Luckily, the Alaves player wasn't onside when the pass was made.

The winners first put their opponents in danger in the 10th minute, when Araujo got close to goal but missed.

The 22nd minute was Barça's first goal, and it gave them the lead. That's when Gundogan put on Lewandowski, and the Polish striker beat Sivera in goal with a nice finish.

The team from Camp Nou played with confidence, but in the 35th minute, they let the other team make a 100% chance. Later, Jon Guridi was given the chance to head in from 7 to 8 yards out, and goalie Iñaki Peña's quick reactions were the only thing that stopped Barcelona's progress.

The 42nd was a bad time for Samu because he hit the ball out of the field.

During the halftime break, Chavi switched Cancelo for the young Hector Fort, who played on the left side of defense.

Just like the first half, the second half began with a great chance for Alaves. Rioja was free in the penalty area in the 48th minute, but he couldn't hit the goal.

Barcelona scored the second goal, a 2-0 lead, right in the return attack. Pedri set up Gundogan to score from the air.

Alaves quickly cut the lead though when Samu scored in the 51st minute. Araujo didn't bother him, and he easily headed home for a 1:2 score.

But Barcelona did not give up the lead. In the 63rd minute, El Tigrinho scored to make it 3-1, giving Barcelona a two-goal lead again. He had just come out onto the field a short time ago.

After quickly getting two yellow cards, though, the Brazilian was sent off in the 72nd minute. It looks like he got his second legal warning for making a copy. An extra referee was not used for a second yellow card, though.

For the rest of the game, Alaves' numerical edge didn't change much.

There is an important match coming up for Real Madrid, and no one knows what will happen.

On this occasion, and maybe not the last time this season, we will watch the big Madrid match between Real and Atletico. We saw two amazing things just last month. The first was for the Spanish Super Cup. After a 3–3 tie in regulation time and a 5–3 win in extra time, Real Madrid made it to the final and beat Barcelona. But a week later, the Dushechi won theirs. After a tie game in regulation, they scored two goals in overtime to win and move on to the King's Cup.

Both teams are playing well, and today's game should be just as exciting. It's possible that Atletico will even stay in the title race. Real was in first place at the start of the round, ten points ahead of its city rival. Their main goal is to finish in the Top 4. If not, Atletico won 3-1 in the first league game in the fall. However, they haven't won a league game at the Santiago Bernabeu since 2016.

Real Madrid is coming into this game having won six straight La Liga games. The wins haven't been easy, though. Four of them were decided by goal difference, and against Almeria and Las Palmas, a total turnaround was needed. But finally, the Whites got another clean sheet when they beat Hetafe 2-0 away on Thursday.

Even Atletico Madrid can't be happy with their recent performances. There were three straight wins in La Liga, with clean sheets against Granada and Valencia. We had forgotten how good the "Dushechi" defense was. In Wednesday's city match, Atletico beat Rayo Vallecano 2-1 at home. In a few days, the team will play in the King's Cup semifinals.

It makes me excited to see what else these two big Madrid teams have to give. Their games have been too good for us this season and the last one too. In contrast, I think Real Madrid will win at home, since they have only lost once so far against Rayo Vallecano. The trouble for Atletico Madrid is how they play away from home. Before beating Granada, they had lost four straight La Liga away games.

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