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Kent State vs. Arizona: Starting lineups, Game chat and streaming video of season opener


Harry How


Opening day is here! Watch as Arizona takes on Kent State to start the 2014 season.

Check out the comments section for game updates, and feel free to join in the conversation. First pitch at 6 PM Mountain time.


Arizona Wildcats (0-0)

1. SS Kevin Newman

2. DH Willie Calhoun

3. 2B Trent Gilbert

4. LF Zach Gibbons

5. C Riley Moore

6. 1B Bobby Dalbec

7. RF Scott Kingery

8. 3B Cody Ramer

9. CF Joseph Maggi

RHP James Farris

Kent State (0-0)

1. LF Jon Wilson

2. CF Alex Miklos

3. SS Sawyer Polen

4. DH Zarley Zalewski

5. 1B Cody Koch

6. RF TJ Sutton

7. C Tommy Monnot

8. 3B Cutris Olvey

9. 2B Justin Wagler

LHP Brian Clark