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Arizona baseball: Friday's game vs. Alcorn State postponed until Saturday

We've got ourselves an old-fashioned double-header on Saturday

Kenny Meimerstorf gets the signs
Kenny Meimerstorf gets the signs
Jason Bartel

Due to travel issues for Alcorn State, Friday's game of the three-game series against Arizona has been pushed back to Saturday at 1 PM Arizona time.  Saturday night's game will still start at 6 PM as part of a double-header, and Sunday's game is still scheduled for noon.

It's unclear what the travel issues are, as Alcorn State's official baseball page is very out of date and never updated.  It is clear that they played at Oklahoma State on Tuesday and Wednesday, and got throttled in both games by a combined score of 33-5.

The SWAC website has Alcorn State at 0-5 this season, being outscored by a total of 67-17.  So if Arizona doesn't sweep this series, let's go ahead and classify it as a disaster.

Not to pile on the Braves here, but their home attendances were listed as 109, 75, and 73 during their weekend series against Bradley last weekend.  So get out there and let these guys play in front of a real baseball crowd.  Saturday's games are essentially a 2-for-1 deal.  Take advantage and spend the day at the ballpark!